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Saturday, August 29, 2015


SFI/TRIPLE CLICKS is the only on line network marketing business that allows you to decide how you want to build your business, what is even more amazing, is that you can will your business to your family and get income for life. The ECA opportunity is very flexible; oh in case you did know it, ECA means E-Commerce Associate. This opportunity allows you to sell any item that you do not need but can be used by someone, additionally you earn from referrals, you get special prices on over 90,000 products and joining is free. This is just to name a few, so how about being your own Boss starting today? Interested? then check this out: This organisation is very diverse in the opportuniyies offered and anyone with s desire to succeed and time to commit, can have their dream become a reality just by joining and becoming a team member, in this business you are never alone. We ensure that you get the support you need from your upline, support staff, and team members. Play games and win prizes, win bonuses, and build your own business while having fun. There is more fun when you start to earn, just take a look at my Leadership Page and see my badges: Just go ahead and see the benefits, na dif you are impressed, then take the next step and join to impress someone else as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I introduce to you the most exciting and affordable on line shopping on the planet with a twist, the twist is that you can own part of this store and have income generated for life, the best part of all is that joining is free free free!!!. For folks who are serious about what they will do after retirement, this is tailor made for you. First of all did I mention you can join for free? yes I did, then when you sign up, you can list all the valuables you have at home for sale if you do not need them anymore. Then you have access to over 90,000 products, promotional and marketing aids, over 17 years experience and support behind you, and if you refer anyone to the program you get a bonus as well as rewards for life on every item that they sell. Residual income from working at home in your own time without any boss over you is the ideal attraction, and it is now available here at SFI/Triple Clicks. This company houses products for every market, from health and well being, to garden tools, household and beauty products, jewellery, electronics and mobile phones just to name a few. Here's another thing, you can get your own unique banners, gateways, and your lifetime domain constructed just for your unique style of on line marketing. That's not all, you can sell to anyone in almost any part of the world, they will handle the packaging and shipping as well. At this company you are treated with respect like family, and there are lots of support systems from real people, to training and forum posts all available to you. Finally, you can invite your family and friends to join and earn from their participation as well, while they get the same benefits as you as they build their own business. The only limitations are with you, you are the only one that can get in your way, see this as the means to your ends, that dream home, or the new BMW, or that dream vacation, that college education or degree can now become a reality. But you will not know if you don't try, so try the information and links below and see what this opportunity can do for you and your family. If not you then who? If not for yourself, then do it for them. They will be very thankful to you later on, and you will feel better of as having acted rather than just sit and wonder. Don't let this pass you by go and look today, click now, this just might be the chance you were waiting on.

Monday, April 13, 2015

I am in the business of recruiting serious minded people to join my network, membership is free, you get bonus points for sales and games including auctions, and lots of contests. You can post any home item on line for sale, own your new business with referrals, and bonuses. Set up an on line, and earn residual income, if you are serious about retirement, then this business is for you. Check the links, and the information below, you have the choice, make the right one and join today.,,

Friday, February 6, 2015

Retirement lives Here

The time has come for us to ensure that we take care of our future generation and our retirement, we must look at several avenues to create residual income, after all who wants to retire and have to struggle to maintain a polished lifestyle! There are of course lots of platforms and opportunities for creating this retirement income, however some are definitely more sound and rewarding than others.

I want to introduce you to two platforms under the same roof that is SFI, Tripleclicks.
With over 17 years in the business and a parent company with over 30 years in operation, there is a true success story behind this organisation which resounds in the success of its affiliates, myself included. Therefore it is critical for me to continue the success of my team by asking you to join free of charge for a chance to set up your own online business and earn residual income.

My team now has 79 affiliates, and we have room for more of you, so do not hesitate, but drop in and see for yourself if in fact this opportunity  can work for you and your family; yes you can build a legacy for your generations to enjoy and carry on. Imagine having access to over 90,000 products with daily specials and free bonus points and prizes. The support system is amazing, and each member or affiliate has the opportunity daily, to voice their opinions on the forum; yes daily., http;//

These are the links that can lead you to retirement income for life, go ahead and click for your chance to earn your residual portfolio. Godspeed for 2015.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I have to be really honest about life and admit that at times I feel really flustered with tireless musings of people who seem to think that the world owes them something; that the universe somehow should always come to their rescue, and that they should never have to see a day of indifference. How sad it must be for one to actually feel that somehow there is real estate that belongs to them and them only! And that their needs are more important than that of any other human being on planet Earth; an ego which is that high can lead to a mirthless despicable state of self destruction in quick time.
I firmly believe that we are the true guardians of our destiny, that we have the right to enhance the space we occupy to fulfil a divine purpose, that the air we breathe was reserved for our diaphragms, that the voice we possess is our sacred instrument to build relationships and to worship an awesomely amazing God. I believe that we are heavenly products with earthly survival kits built in by the Eternal Designer, that our true self is protected by our false self because we pause too often to please the mundane and the mediocre.
We are indelibly caught up in the restraints that offer temporary and unreal relief, we fear for tomorrow and it is not even promised to us, we bring our neighbours to their knees with unscrupulous insanities and selfish meanderings. What is the meaning of life we ask. if every day we try so hard to make two ends meet and yet they seem to be strangers waving goodbye? How are we suppose to strive in a world of uncertainty and outlandish generational curses that seem to suppress our imaginations until they die for lack of air?
Alas! there must be hope, there must be a time and a place where we can become, where we can share unbiased love and hope, where we can surface and breathe freedom and delight in the successes of each other. Where we can celebrate even if we did not win, and where we can congratulate even if we were last in the race. We were created to compliment each other and to form partnerships with nature and the creatures of this earthly realm. We have within us the power to rise to the pinnacle of civilisation, and to contribute to the well being and mastery of our designated gifts  as we strive for unbridled excellence.
The kind of excellence that sows seeds of charity and benevolence, and that reaps harvests of forgiveness and acceptance in quantum proportions never to bow to the merchants of degradation and melancholy. Never to surrender to the dark spirits of oppression and the sightless institutions of segregation, but to rise in unison to boundless heights of integrity and countless levels of this kaleidoscope of human microcosm, thus enlightening the pathway to integration and global unity.   

Friday, October 3, 2014

E-commerce Affiliates

I have stumbled upon a wealth of information on how to produce and succeed as an online store owner and I would like to share it with you. This platform has many gateways and up to 94,000 different products available which you can promote on your own platform, as well as any original or personal products that you may have to sell. What is even more amazing is that you can join for free, and have access to millions of registered members as well as your own market; e.g. friends, family and associates.
You want to be part of an organisation where the people involved are only concerned about one thing and one thing only; success, the main point of being involved in any kind of business is to succeed, and this is the catalyst that drives this organisation to bring about the necessary products and marketing or promotional gateways for you to achieve your dream. We all have visions and goals of being better than where we are, some of us have grander thoughts than others, but we all hope for the opportunity to realise our dreams.
I have no doubt in my mind that this is it, I say that because I have seen the success first hand within a couple of months, bear in mind that you have to have a plan, and you have to work the plan, but the support with information and real people are all there. You have to be committed to anything if you want it to work, and just like any business, this will take some time and effort, but the end result is that you will receive just what you put into it. I say to people all the time that the only limit to their success is them. If you want it bad enough, then the limit is only in your mind, so give this a shot at no cost to you, and see if this is the right platform for your future success.

The above link has within the key to your online success, just click and become, just click and achieve, this could be your gateway to achieve your Dreams. Good luck to you, and see you on the other side of success.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shop Till You Drop

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