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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


http://www.blogger.comI Recently wrote and published a book with "Blurb" and I must say that it was a learning experience; one of many tools which are suitably available for the building, editing, and end publishing of any kind of material.
It is so very possible for anyone with talent, and a desire or will to succeed, to find the kind of help or assistance they need in putting what they have to offer in circulation. You must have a plan and a plan to share that plan, no plan means no execution, no execution means no airtime or publication. The world has progressed so fast and far, that one can at a click of the mouse and pounding of the fingertips, share with the world friends and family anything God has blessed us with. So my book is out "To Lose A Dream". I wanted to share some of what I have experienced in making a couple of my dreams become reality, and hopefully in time God will further inspire me to write more about the realization of more dreams. I praise the people at Blurb for creating this medium for people like myself and others, who simply cant afford the big name publishers, and want to infuse their originality into their works. Yeah; they give you that and at a good price too, so if you feel like e refreshing read from a newbie who has an honest story to tell with pictures to enhance, why not try a copy? You can order a hard one or simply get it on your i-pad at an affordable price, log on to, or you can get a preview on you tube, Facebook, twitter ET AL.  
Thanks Blurb, and thanks to all of you who will support my first publication in years, hope it inspires you as much as it did me. Godspeed to you all; big up Blurb.
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