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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Every step we encounter in life has a meaning and a lesson to be learnt, we sometimes miss this meaning because we are either looking in the wrong direction, or not looking at all. Whatever was learnt should have a place in our hearts and minds, they should act as constant reminders to deal with similar situations differently in the future; emotional immaturity sometimes leaves us wanting more and many times the lessons learnt are simply forgotten. We have a personal responsibility to build and grow our characters and our mannerisms as it applies to our daily lives, but it takes discipline and selflessness to get to this point; however when it is achieved the dream seems more real every day.  Losers and winners play on the same field in the same game, and there is space for both parties; you have got to decide what your own space is quickly, and how you are going to establish your status on the field of play. 


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Saturday, September 28, 2013


I look on in amazement at the public display by some famous people who for the best part have been at some point in time an inspiration to aspiring others. Names like Lamar Odom, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber and some significant others have recently displayed a level of selfishness and  irresponsibility resembling that of cartoon characters. While we are aware of the fact that they breathe the same air we do, and live on the same planet, it behooves me to ponder inwardly on how a life that appears to be fulfilled and glamorous, now by certain actions appears to be only superficial and miserable. What are the inherent problems of fame and fortune; having access to a lifestyle that most dream of and only a few manage to achieve, losing a sense of self and becoming only an empty shadow with a personality that reflects an image and not the real you.  It is so easy to be caught up in a whirlwind of falsities, where the only reality is the solitude of sleep and an awakening of the subconscious, where for a moment one can feel the bare texture of an earthly surface and unwind in a time and place known to no man but you. Stars are reflectors of the beauty of this planet, and surface to do only what they were created for (to shine), and they do so dutifully until the night turns into day and the darkness is swallowed up in light. Likewise man-made stars were made to shine for the rest of us to be inspired and to admire the God given talents they are so privileged to have, they are supposed to be our beacons of hope shining their lights in a world plagued with war, racial and ethnic divisions, and harsh economic shortfalls. When they appear dim and distorted who then shows the way; who then lights the pathway to success and overcoming; who then gives us the examples of excellence and clarity!  The time has come for these stars to be accountable for their actions and to understand the role that they play in the industry of life, the torch of uncertainty must not outshine the spirit of their desire to succeed beyond their frailties and human deterrents. They must overcome and stand strong in the face of their fiercest adversary; themselves, they must align their strengths and foresight with that of their Creator and evolve to a place of peace and self actualization. Then and only then can they be prepared to fulfill the task of beacons, mentors, motivators, and lights of hope to restore to a generation of broken souls the belief that all is not lost and with God still, all things are possible.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hope Again/and Again !!!!

I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is for us to be tunnel like in our focus for life; we are so easily distracted by the negatives challenges that confront us from day to day, sometimes we feel mired as our needs transform themselves into necessities. What fuels our passion and drive to overcome? Is it the possibility of winning, or is it the need to compete? We are so perplexed at times at our own shortcomings, which remind us of our earthly and carnal existence, crumbling seems easier than being glued and keeping it together. Some people slowly dissipate into oblivion, while others shun confrontation and live in seclusion, gradually eking out the number of time they are allowed to have. To live is to love, to dream, to hurt, to fail, and to get up again and believe, to keep our hopes alive. To be embroiled with a seething passion to win, and to be declared as pioneers in our fields of endeavor, never doubting the strength and resilience of the human spirit. We are built to win; to step out of our comfort zones and conquer our fears, to endear ourselves with friends, family and loved ones. To be kind to those who despise us, and be true to those who refuse to understand or accept us, to be courageous in the face of defeat, and relentless in the midst of adversity. For all of us the possibilities are endless, for most of us they are just around the corner, and for some of us they are at our fingertips; above all we are who God says we are: “more than conquerors” Whom do you believe you are?

Friday, September 20, 2013


At the end of each year we celebrate all the accomplishments and we bury the failures; what we should be really doing is celebrating the success ever mindful of the many stumbling blocks and hurdles which enabled us to get there in the first place, many lessons can be learnt if our mindset is proper and we make decisions that are objective and timely. A lot of times we dismiss so easily the days when we thought we could not make it or when the doors were closed in our face and we were told “you are dreaming”, those are precious memories which formed the pillars of what we achieved later. Imagine the finest cut diamond you have ever seen; how did you think it got to that polished irresistible state? It certainly was not found that way, but with lots of pressure and workman like precision, it was made into the final product you now find breathtaking. We are no different from the diamond; the truth is many of us have covered up and buried our dreams and visions, refusing for a time to let the lessons of life transform them into the final product we so desperately need them to become. Instead we have chosen to be cowards afraid to pay the price, and refusing to make the extra effort to do that little thing which separates the winners from the losers, and yes it may cost us all that we own but in the end add to what we have. There is a saying; and a true one at that too, a bird in hand is worth two in the bushes. Commitment is the key to our self realization, and the ability to discipline oneself to the point where you will do what you have to regardless the situation or the circumstance; focused must we be undoubting in our approach that we can succeed, we can accomplish. We will get the reward and achieve our goals. The opposite of this of course is being lazy and self serving; stop feeling and acting as though somebody owes you something, the truth is you owe success to yourself. Nobody owes you anything but you.     AN EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK: "tO lOSE a dREAM" CHECK IT OUT AT: WWW.BLURB.COM. OR POST THIS LINK TO YOUR BROWSER:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

From Me To You/ Empowerment An Introduction

Dream Again

Some days are like no days where everything seems wrong and everyone seems off their a-game; you wonder how to get over it, and how to get around it. Seldom do you remember days like this because it went so bad, you find it easier to forget. The thing about recovery is that all you really have is the memory, and while keeping it is a challenge, recalling what you felt and what you did on a bad day is just the catalyst you need to propel you out of the dark.  How you manage the memory is important, how you choose to control your feelings is essential to the next step, you have to find the positive side like it or not, you have to channel that which got you out into the reality of the present; it's a mindset. Can you remember what caused you to have a bad day, and what made you come out of it ? Take notes, write it down and mark in in your diary and calender, document the experience and often read the thing. Discipline is the key to being able to do this; it is like a boxer assessing the biggest fight he lost, hoping to see something that he did right when he feels that all he did was wrong. Ha! don't fool yourself, you contributed to the end result because you did not pay attention to the process, focus, focus, and focus only on the process; the how. Finally the reality will set in and you will feel justified for your behavior, but still in the back of your mind you will always have questions. My friend from the same place that the questions flow, the same place the answers will flow, but which buttons will you push?        

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This Dream Is Real

The greatest nation on earth has produced in my mind the greatest dreamer of all time: (Martin Luther King Jnr.), and in making that statement I vividly remember the charge of two other dreamers who ultimately produced speeches and quotes that resonate with most of us today. One cannot ignore the words of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela; indeed words which have sufficiently epitomized indelibly the courage and the strength of endless efforts to bridge forever the gap of slavery, of racial and ethnic discrimination, of equality for all mankind, and of an ideal peace which afforded all that breathe the opportunity to experience security and well being. While we are blessed indeed to have these inspired sages in our history books and our lives, we are now called upon as citizens of planet earth to play our part in bringing the virtues of all these dreamers to reality. We have a common responsibility to breathe the same air, as we witness the rising of the same sun, to feel the drops of the same rain as we toil to plant our crops, to sweat in profusion as we strive to feed our families, to climb podiums of success as we embrace the challenge of odds to become champions, to honor and respect the collective space which we all have a right to traverse as we dear to achieve our goals. Despite the shade or color of our skins, the same oxygen flows in our lungs, despite the density or looseness of our hair, the same blood type courses through our veins.
When wounded we all bleed the same color, when in hunger we all seek to be satisfied with nourishment, when caught in the torrents of war and disputes we all share the same battle field. How then are we different? how then are we set apart? Don't we all dream; in the sweet luxury of our sleep, don't we all aspire for a better day and a brighter tomorrow in the corners of our minds? Yes we do, and yet for all this we have allowed borders and barriers, boundaries and self imposing laws to tear us apart, to melt into submission the hope of all the dreamers who have graced this earth. Let us arise out of our sunken ships and take hold of the lifelines of hope, for as we can still breathe and move and have being, we are charged with a collective task to daily embrace all our dreams. To push on day by day, night by night until all of us can say in unbridled and collective harmony Yes WE Can.    

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Maybe the most important thing in life is not the dream maybe it is the dreamer, he is who he is not because of the dream, but rather because he chose to dream. Question is where do you stand in all this, what is your main concern your imagination or you?
The question has to be asked because there are no guarantees in life and one must at some point realize that maybe; just maybe, this dream may not be destined for fulfillment after all!
Shocking you say, or a sobering thought indeed; to some of us it is just a wakeup call, one which can in a moment change the entire paradigm of our mindset.  We are all victims of this morass of existence, and at some point when it’s convenient we become mature enough to deal with the truth that echoes all around us; sometimes too resoundingly.  Sometimes we can resort to belligerence and even surreptitiously pretend that there is no discontent and we are very happy. Lie, but not to yourself, for the reality of truth like a thief in the night will suddenly come upon you unawares and reveal your vulnerabilities which will in time display who you really are.   It is sad to say the least, that some of us have reached the point of no return and simply cannot face the reflections in our mirrors; it is pathetic even, that we somehow managed to carve out a survival routine based on hype and adventure never for a moment entrapping the innermost voices of our consciousness.    We need to be real and start trading the superficial for what is deep meaningful and fulfilling; mediocrity is not a choice, but a result of resounding failures on our part.  Set the bar high; very high, for even if you don’t reach and you fall, you will have increased the possibility of catching some branches on the way down. There is no substitute for what you believe and what you can achieve, the success which we all crave lies not in our accomplishments, but rather in our ability to retain what we achieve and to feast upon its true value. This gives us the impetus to launch out into the deep; to step out of the boat and to walk upon the waters, to think that as long as we are alive therein is laid our hope.
It’s dark today, and clouds mar the progress of the sun; obscurity seems to be the eminent force emanating from the gloom that exists, yet we press on; for we believe that this too shall pass.

Friday, September 6, 2013

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I stand in awe and salute Diana Nyad, who after trying for the fifth time against all odds swam for approximately 111 miles across the Florida Straits from Cuba to Florida in a time of 53 hours. She had been trying to accomplish this feat for the past 35 years and had finally conquered. What are the odds at the age of 64 when most people would be heading into some reclusive shell of retirement, when the body can only do so much because we; life and all its toils have taken our toll on it!  Then there are the elements, the sun, the water and its different temperatures and currents, the jelly fish and the sharks; just think about the thought process to prepare yourself then to execute the feat.  Emerging from the water you could visibly behold the signs of wear and tear on her body; swollen lips and sunburns on her face, sagging and pale flesh on parts of  her body void of oxygen. Truly she had physically taken a heck of a battering, but clearly her mental strength was never diminished as with faltering steps and stuttering words she coherently declared: that there were three lessons to be learnt, one: never ever give up, two: you are never too old to chase your dreams, and three: anyone can succeed. What an inspiration she must be for all that were there and for all who have the privilege to know her story, she in my mind stands as a beacon of hope and motivation for all who decided that it was over. Surely; now we know that too late pales in significance to the tenacity and the will of the human spirit, that despite the odds though they maybe stacked as high as The Himalayas, hope can spring forth with life and the desire to succeed. If she can, then we can if we just believe and then by virtue of acting on that belief, put our faith to the test again and again and again and again and again until we can behold the reality of the dream. Until at long last the chase is over and we have won, one can only imagine the thrill she must have felt despite her pains, the elation of finality as long in memory and history this will be remembered, and long before the embers of our destiny become ashes Diana Nyad's accomplishment will fuel many more triers to believe that they too can swim to the finish.           

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


When we were children, we depended on our parents to love, nurture, encourage, and instruct us in all things; at school it was basically the same thing with our teachers. For those of us who attended Sunday School some lessons were learnt there as well; characters and mannerisms were all built here, and as we grew there were memories of times we can never revisit but will sometimes recall; it’s the past. Why is the innocence not there anymore? Why have we changed so much to think we know so much!  Little children accepted each other regardless; we played and shared all that we had regardless. We knew only love and kindred spirits; where did it all go?

Let’s revisit the innocent days when all that mattered was being in each other’s company, neighbor like neighbor; truly being each others’ keeper, if only for a moment. We have missed out on so much; but it is not too late, just hope with time some of us will be brave and bold to say enough; we are all God’s children and there is room for all of us irregardless.

Why is it so hard to accept other people who are beings just like us; we all breathe the same air, have the same blood type flowing in our veins, speak the same languages, eat the same type of foods, bleed and die the same way.  What’s the difference? Who created man not God?  Why then do we feel we have the right to create classes among the masses; we are all guilty at some time of seeing our fellowmen as either inferior or superior, it is wrong and should never be part of the equation of our existence.