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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Dream;Your Dream

Ironic it is that we are all placed on this planet for a specific purpose and yet most of us spend our entire lives lost because we never found our true selves. Greatness is not a vision or grade in life which we aspire to, rather it is a desire that is built in for us by our Maker, to establish His Glory on the earth in our lives. To display his flawless and complete gift of life as we know it, to revel and abound in any area or expertise we are given to perform. We are God's handiwork, and the ability to conquer and overcome our fears was given freely for us to exploit and set our parameters, we are the true masters of our own destiny, and we are solely responsible for our success. The reason why we fail; fall short, is because we make all the wrong choices contrary to the laws of life and equality, let's face it we are basically selfish creatures who love to stand on the bastions of bad habits which imprison us , and then leave us abandoned to the ruins of degradation. We daily must muster the courage to leave indelible impressions on the minds and hearts of our loved ones, we have a mandate to seek first their happiness, and in so doing stoke the flames of our own conscience. History has shown that great men have walked the corridors of time leading for a while in their respective endeavors, and their fallibility has shown the truth of man's weakness to succumb to the power of our flesh, we think sometimes we have control but do we!! The great Generals of war and field Marshalls all fell to one weakness or the other; Rommel, Napoleon, Grant, all knew how to lead men into battle and win, yet alas even though they taught men (soldiers) how to conquer their fears, they themselves suffered because of their own shortcomings. Rommel is reported to have committed suicide in 1944, Napoleon abdicated power in 1815 and was sent into exile to the island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, reportedly he suffered from a form of stomach cancer, and died in May of 1821 after years of shutting himself away from his own people. Ulysses S. Grant after his military life became President of the United States, then fell into bankruptcy because his partner in business swindled investors' monies, he then ask to be reinstated in the army and briefly was, as he was diagnosed with throat cancer. When he eventually died luckily Mark Twain's work of him netted his family over 400,000.00 in royalties. None of these men died great, instead they all fell as victims of their own shortcomings and disease. We are put here but for a short time and therefore our dreams have a very short lifespan over which we have no control, instead we must learn to help each other fulfill our dreams. We all have one thing equal and is common to all; we are born to die, and die we shall. So for the time that we have on this planet, let's pledge to support and help each other to be the best we can, for no man knows the day or the hour his time will be, neither is there any guarantee for all the success we have achieved. The wealth we have attained is only temporary and can by no means help prolong our departure from this grand stage of opportunities, you decide how you want to live, inspire or desire, the choice is yours. If it were up to me my dream would always be your dream; dream on my friends and Godspeed. P.S. special offer from Amazon, check it out you Kindle fans!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dream Money Tips

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Monday, November 18, 2013


This is the season for sharing and giving, and fitting it may seem as the rest of the world stand in awe, and in some instances shock, to see the brunt of the full destruction from the aftermath of typhoon haiyan(yolanda) in the Philippine. At long last some of the areas which were so badly affected are finally seeing some semblance of aid, one cannot truly come to terms and grasp how desperate some of these people are at this time, but what we do know is that they need every bit of help they can get. We who are more fortunate to have and more to give should by all means step up to the plate and lend a helping hand, my Lionistic peole have given 100,000.US dollars so far up front while I'm sure our field team is on the ground, seeking more direct and physical ways to bring about relief. The head of local command for the Philippine army Lt. Gen. Noel A. Coballes, had only two words to say; thank you!! The world bank has now offered a 500 million dollar loan to this battered nation, thankfully military and civilian aid is coming in from the US, Canada, Britain, Australia, to name a few, the sad part is that more body bags are needed at this time to remove those that have died. Can you imagine up to about 4 million people being displaced, up to 2 million being homeless, and the death toll now approaching 4 thousand? I cant; simply put, there is no way we can from our normal way of life and thinking ever imagine the true scale of utter human degradation and fear these people have endured and some are still facing. Catastrophic; and exasperatingly debilitating can only be what one can use to describe the debacle and deprivation which now exists. While so many of us are warm and sheltered, these people are made to daily eke out some sort of existence in the hope that time and opportunity will afford them the ability to somehow return to what life use to be, and or look forward to a better future. What is your dream for this season, what is your wish? Can we but for a moment in time forget about "self", and instead say a prayer, or spare a thought for the stricken and the hard pressed in the Philippines!! In the now famous words of President Obama; 'yes we can', in the famous quotation of the late Mahatma Gandhi: "It is in service to others that one finds their true self" In essence we are not very different from the heroes of our times, men and women, who fought the good fight for equality, freedom, and a better way of life for all. They instead of pursuing their own dreams and visions, chose to be relentless in the face of odds for the belief that all men were created equal, and made significant influences on all who heard and believed. Please bear with me, this is not a judgement call on anyone, neither is it a callous and selfish act to cast aspersions on any, rather this is a call to think and be aware. It is our duty and our right to show concern and care for each other, and seldom can a man say that he needs no one, for even in our darkest moments of doubts and fears, we surrender to a higher instinct which demands the presence of others. For this nation all dreams are but for a moment put on hold, there can be no plans of seasonal splendor and exotic dishes with celebrations and feasting. Instead they can only reflect on what has gone; what had been, and what does tomorrow hold. My heart goes out as i look at some of the scenes and i wonder, how infinitely vulnerable are we; man who feels such awesome power when he wins and his dreams are fulfilled, and yet we are still no match for the power of nature and what may seem an insatiable appetite for death and destruction. We must be thankful to God still, for the many blessings we are still privileged to have, to hold, and to possess. P.S. I say a specials thanks to my readers and followers who through seeking me out, inspire my soul to continue to share with you all that i have been blessed to give, and to express, for this i say a big 'THANK YOU' FURTHER I MUST INFORM YOU THAT NOW I AM AN AMAZON AFFILIATE, AND WOULD FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT BY PURCHASING FROM MY LINKS OR A STORE, WHEN YOU SO DO THEN I CAN GET PAID, SO CLICK ON THE BLOG POSTS OR GO TO MY WEBSITE AT:, you just may find something you need for the season and beyond. My love to you all and Godspeed for the Season.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In life you seldom get the chance to live twice, you seldom get the opportunity to create and forge two separate legacies; how much a shadow of ourselves are we really are. You and i are constantly defying our own shortcomings to prove to ourselves and to those who will pay attention, that we are a little more than what we seem or appear to be. Tomorrow i go to a funeral for my friend's son who at the age of 31 died from a ailment which rendered him unable to properly disperse naturally of his own bodily wastes, then the day after I will attend another funeral of a very young friend, who at the age of 13 died because of a growth in her abdomen which obstructed her normal intestinal functions. I must point out to you that i simply do not believe in anything that tends to defy that which is the norm, but with all things considered, one sometimes has to wonder what if!! He dies at 31 of intestinal complications, she dies at 13 of just about the same thing; see where i am going with this? (31=13).  Tomorrow is promised to no man, neither does God provide any of us with a specific date and time when we are going to leave this world, but what we do know is that death by itself is certainly inevitable. Please don't get me wrong here i am not the prophet of doom as they say, but it is my  duty; my responsibility even, to tell all and sundry what i believe is the truth and of some benefit to us all.
If you have another theory then i would be pleased to hear it. We prepare for our dreams and our hopes, some spend their entire lives trying, trying to fulfill what may prove to be impossible and at times improbable, yet daily we press on suffering ourselves in a moment to comfort even the mundane and unreachable. We contrive to generate herculean efforts, invest tremendous resources, and in a flash, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we are gone leaving only monumental memories which gravitate to evaporate into the historical sands of time. Yet for all of this we fail to recognize that we are just temporary citizens and journeymen, who but for a fleeting moment have been tenanted a space, a room with some windows of opportunity to contribute to the massive plan of The Maker. Bedouins by nature and pioneers by destiny, a mixed concoction of unbridled ancestries which have all played on an even plain the game of inheritance and discovery. We are mortals of a single kind different only by borders of land and sea, of culture and language, of philosophies and dreams, yet from the same fiber to return alas to the dust and ashes which we mirror only by colors and hue. Can we really continue to live by our dreams, or shall we surrender to our inhibitions, our earthly fallacies, the meters by which our human vessels are measured in stature and accomplishments!    
The very yardstick by which we judge our fellowmen, and then condemn, since tomorrow holds no promise then it is only fitting to say, thank you God. Thanks for the mere fact that you have given us life and talents and gifts, the ability to work and to provide for our families, and if you will, maybe tomorrow i will begin again to take another step on this journey of uncertainty, with the hope of my dreams intact. With the tenacity and the courage of an innocent child learning to walk for the very first time, never conscious of the imminence of danger, but rather of the lure and anxiety of the unknown. Feeling and seeing for a fleeting moment the vision of the end, and relenting to endure with patience until we reach the shore of fulfillment and success, and even if we can't dream anymore, we should stand triumphantly and declare like Julius Caesar: "Veni Vidi Vicki"; I came i saw i conquered.                   

Monday, November 11, 2013


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Saturday, November 9, 2013


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It is indeed heart breaking and utterly devastating to see the immense damage destruction and loss of life in the Philippines with the passing of typhoon Haiyan. On a cultural note the word or name "Haiyan" originated in China and means "petrel" the seabird. What an outrageous and thirsty seabird this one turned out to be as it swept across the landmass of the Philippines displaying an insatiable appetite for life and property alike. It is considered as one of the most powerful storms that has ever made landfall whit winds packing up to 200 miles per hour(320 km, a massive storm indeed. With more than 12 million people at risk the death toll so far has been estimated at about 1,200 and property damage estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. This nation must somehow feel that it has been targeted by the powers that be for some atrocities they may have committed, just recently in August of 2012 they had to deal with an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 7.9, noticeably they have not yet recovered from that disaster; now comes this. What a time for the bigger nations of this world to come together and render some support for these people, as Haiyan better known as Yolanda (violet) has certainly shattered all hopes and dreams of this nation. We must say a prayer for those who have survived, as they warily gather themselves to recover some semblance of normalcy after this devastation. While some of us have nice warm beds to go to, and an endless supply of food; some of which we throw away, while we can afford the best medical treatment on the planet. Let's spare a thought for the many broken families out there in the Philippines, who just have to dig really deep and for many hours work towards restoring what they once had. Live for most will never be the same again, and while we may fall asleep fitfully looking forward to some dream, they have this massive nightmare to deal with. Be thankful my people for God's mercy on our lives, this could have happened to anyone at anytime, just pray that all will be well and the shattered pieces of their dreams can somehow be put back together again. P.S. CHECK THIS OUT FOR THE SEASON EVERYONE NEEDS A HERO:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dream For The Season

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


As time progresses we learn as humans to cope with and at times accept the fact that we are all here just for a time, temporarily possessing a piece of planet earth, until the time of our departure occurs; then we are gone. Why is it that man somehow believes that he is invincible, and because of wealth or power or both, he is unstoppable? Why do we get so close only after a loved one has died? Why do we become so sober when we are stricken with a terminal disease (cancer), it is so hard at times to accept the plain foolish and selfish attitudes that pass as civility in the face of our mocked pretense to say 'we belong'. Why do the poor feel unwanted and abandoned, and the rich fight each other for space and opportunities to get more wealth?
We are insatiable when it comes to our appetites to conquer in politics and in war, yet when it comes to peace and unity, we somehow struggle to get it right. Nations find it so much easier to wage useless wars against each other, rather than to come together for a worthy cause, there are always conditions why we can't unite and not how we can. Sadly we (all of us) have within us the same selfish and self serving seeds which scream for attention everyday, leave a baby alone for to long and soon enough "waaaaah'', leave any child alone and tell them to sit until you return; yeah right!  You see my people we have some serious needs that just have to be satisfied, the point is that we are not all disciplined enough to manage and govern these habits, so we sometimes fall prey.  Greatness is not spawned by efforts derived from our daily havens, rather it is a consistent and concerted desire to be the best we can be day in and day out despite where we are, despite what we are faced with. The decisions we take and the choices we make are mostly guided by an instinct to preserve ourselves, to keep that perceived image we portray intact, to be accepted and to feel wanted. Seldom are we prepared to launch out into the deep and take leaps of faith, take steps that are new  and virgin in its intent, we are afraid to know what might be and what we may find. The pioneers of this world who forged the way for our growth and development, could not be selfish, could not be fearful, they had to be bold and daring with public intent. They had to transcend the negative atmosphere and the faithless woes of those who said we cant, they had to fend of what was seen for what could not be seen but believed, they persevered and they prevailed, why cant we! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


I came from very humble beginnings and everyday there are several memories to remind me of where I came from, and how grounded i should stay as God has been extremely good to me. Some of these memories are not very pleasant, and some are even heart breaking, but all in all they played an important part in molding me to be who and what I am today. Listen i don't mean to have you anxious, but I'm sure some of you are probably wondering; what memories are he speaking of!! Well let's be clear, i came from a small family of five, my parents had one son (me) and two daughters (my sisters), my parents were never wealthy in material things, but the values taught to us were invaluable even though we did not know it then. My father was the humblest man on planet earth, and often would be the one to seek peaceful discords among neighbors, friends, and family. He often made it a priority to greet everyone on an equal basis despite their social, ethnic, or financial status, as far as he was concerned every body was somebody regardless.  My mom on the other hand was very homely and seemed to bask in the background shadows of the family as the strong silent Queen, who ruled with simplicity and order, she is still that way. The best part of growing up was when holiday time came and we would get to travel and visit other relatives, or go on some distant outing with my father and his religious friends. Then there are times i would love to forget, these times were some of the hardest as i recall, no food sometimes, no monies to pay bills and buy clothes or shoes. Yes I have had those days mixed with some anxious and sleepless nights, as i listened to the cries of my mother and the promises of my father. It was of ten the norm to hear him say, "i eh get pay as yet", those were dreaded words, as his salary was the only one coming in at the time. My mother was never fully employed and spent most of her time being a devoted wife and mother; she did a great job of both. Today i am ever thankful for my parents and the many efforts they made to provide for me and my sisters, with all that they had we were always the priority. I have learned to be humble and thankful to God for all his mercies without which i would not be writing this post, even so my friends this is the basis upon which i share my life with you, and so i hope to inspire all of you to never give up o your dreams and hopes. They are the best treasures of our futures and the motivations of our present. Let us always be mindful of our lessons learnt from the past and be mindful to repeat those that are of virtue, and to discard those that were of no consequence. Keep hoping and keep dreaming if i made it so can you, and remember with God all things are possible.