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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Possibly the biggest obstacle in life is the ability to be ourselves; and while this may sound controversial, the fact remains that we are the biggest stumbling blocks to our own progress and purpose in life. Excuses are the order of the day whenever we are confronted with realities of our own failures, some of us even try to blame nature or fate for what we really are totally responsible for. For the most part we are pathetic, and what we present as excuses are really reasons why we sell ourselves short, what is sad, is that we are even prepared to lie to ourselves to believe the lie we are about to tell about ourselves. Enough said about that as we contemplate on how true these areas of our lives are; one must be cognizant of the fact that dreams are only just that, until we bring ourselves to be convicted and confident about taking action. I recall the words of the late Helen Keller, who despite her physical challenges (deaf,blind), overcame a world of obstacles to say: Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. How is it that we now believe that there must be ideal situations for us to succeed? Ideal or not Helen Keller achieved the success that most of us only dream of, but her story is a testament to inspire us to act despite the odds and get the reward that only comes with action. In a similar vein, we should also pay attention to Ludwig van Beethoven, who for the best part of his life struggled with deafness; undeniably in his last ten years of life despite he was completely deaf composed some of his greatest works. To date he arguably is the greatest composer that ever lived; since his death on March 26, 1827, his music has lived on like an endless beacon of refreshing memories, and still influences the lives of musicians and musical scholars alike today. What can we gain from the memoirs of these two great pioneers whose vision and scope transcended the boundaries of abnormality and disease, to rise to soaring heights and see their dreams unfold with vigor and passion! When we fail, there are no excuses and there are no reasons, believe it or not, we alone have the desire and faith to shape the results of our destiny. It does not lie in the hands of nature or some unseen diabolical force descriptive of many names, instead our ambitions and ideals are the ingredients of the catalyst which pushes us to either act or procrastinate. You are the true master of your destiny by the choices that you make, and by the information you choose to digest in your minds and hearts, do not be fooled my friends, you are more better than you give yourself credit to be. Appreciation and value of self is integral to the success of any individual or group, but there must be a clearly defined and sustainable plan, written and confessed daily by all who seek to fulfill their dreams, a path of desire must be chosen and constantly trodden upon to build faith and momentum. My appeal to you my friends is simple and real, don't ever give up or give way to neglect and negativity, in all your trials there is a way out and a way forward. No one on this planet has the power to stop you from dreaming and reaching for that dream, except you, you cannot afford to give that authority to anyone; no not at all. Convince yourself indelibly that all that you desire and all you possess is indeed yours, and that all you dream and long for is also yours for the taking if you want it bad enough. The desire to succeed and see fulfillment, must be annoying and relentless, it must give you nightmares when you sleep, and day dreams which are demanding. It must harass your mindset and stimulate your imagination, it must instill commitment and inspire due diligence. My friends trust yourself and what you know to be true and let that dream become renewed in your heart, let the stories and lives of so many restless warriors inspire you to believe and act again, for within is a seed waiting to be germinated and conceived with promise and hope. Hope for a renewal and a forward thrust to the goal, never doubting; never stopping, until all that you conceive is staring you in the face, fulfilled and real at last.
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