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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Their Dreams/Our Hopes

Hi friends and well wishers hope you are doing fine today, that your life is blessed and enriched with the ability to live move and have being, and even if it is not quite the way you want it to be, then consider it a 'work in progress'. Often times I am tempted to be angry with the world for some of the atrocities that we see daily, and sometimes it involves the lives of innocent children; children who for the most part are unwilling and non consenting participants in a game where the winner takes all. You are probably wondering where I am going with all this; well take for example the sick and cowardly minds who see no ill in exploiting hapless children for child pornography, or the twisted and demeaning stance of those who are involved in illegal child labor, you know what I'm talking about. It is sad, sickening, and degenerating to see these gullible children being used by men whose claim to fame is that they get things done by all means necessary. The big question one must ask is this; what kind of psychological damage is being done to that child, who instead of leading a normal life, is now a victim of abuse and exploitation? Secondly, what will the future hold for these (victims), should they be fortunate to escape from the trappings of such a depressing and hopeless life? The answers are many, and surely we have seen the sad reality of some of these cases around the world, the outcome is never a good one. So i ask myself another question; is there something that i can do, or some organization i can be a part of, that is doing something to help these children? Recently i learnt that there are over 150 million children that are homeless and possibly living on the streets, some are orphaned and others are treated like outcasts made to survive under threatening and degradable circumstances. Most of us have nice warm beds to sleep at night, and we can afford three meals per day, most of these children can't, their days and nights are spent seeking and searching for some level of solace and comfort all which we take so easily for granted. Most of our futures spring bright with hope of a better day if we live to see tomorrow, but for some there is no such thing as a future, just eking out a daily existence with no promises, and no light at the end of the tunnel. If you could do something about these children, if you could somehow make a contribution to their well being, would you do it? I'm sure you would, so take my advice and log on to, and see what I am talking about. Then if you feel moved enough to be a part of this great movement, you can join up like i did and make a lifetime contribution to children all over the world. I have taken the liberty of inserting my link for easy access to the penny auction website, where you can invest in the auction or simply purchase a product of your choice and help contribute to this worthy cause. Through your participation some child around the globe may have a chance of seeing a better life and a brighter day, so go ahead my friends and use the link for your chance to participate and bring to life some child's dream. Godspeed!!!
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