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Monday, January 20, 2014

Motivation To Blog

Motivation is a large word which really represents the very essence of all the things that make us tick; we are creatures of habit, and like all habits we are either hooked on them or in control. Ironically; there is no in between, the habit is either a good one or a bad one. In order to be motivated to blog, one must first decide whether the site will represent an authority or a niche. The authority site is certainly more broad based, and takes a lot more work to set up, in addition to getting the research done you have to be versed in the various aspects of what your site offers. The information you share on an authority site must be clear and concise, and your site must have separate pages for each category represented, therefore it is much easier to blog on a site with a niche that says for example: "How To Prevent Diabetes"; this is where the topic chosen is one that is specific and gives you an opportunity to get information for one target market. Choosing a niche is also much easier because you do not have to go very far and wide to gather the information for your content, before you choose your niche though, think carefully about the long term and short term commitments you will need to make, and be sure that you put in the time studying exactly what you are going to be posting on your blog.

There are two reasons for this; one is that you need to build trust and an online relationship with your readers-followers, and also, you want them to eventually turn into customers. Your main thrust is to ensure that you post quality stuff on your blog, and the readers see that first of all you really care about helping them avoid the dreaded disease; diabetes, they must see that your information and products offered is geared towards easing a pain they are feeling or likely to feel. Okay; so you wonder why not start with an authority site! Well there is a much larger risk in building an authority site, and here are the things that you must do: set a budget for at least two years to run your site, secondly purchase a domain name with web hosting and a good plan for about two years minimum; the reason for the two years is that you want Google to look at the long term ranking possibilities rather than the short term. With the short term, Google robots and indexing agents will simply not bother too much with the hassle, they prefer a longer time to run your stuff online. You can try,, Gartor or; there are more, but these usually offer the better deals for start ups. The latter uses Word Press and has a great Premium Membership Program, it's a great place to start.

After your site is up and running, you need to then enhance your authority site name and do your research on building the right content, whilst this is ongoing you should work on two pages, one is the "About Me" page, and the other is "Privacy Policy".  The About Me page is essential for both authority and niche sites, it is also vital to the relationship you wish to build with your followers, and it helps search engines to increase their coverage. You will need to be honest and open with this page, and therefore consider the page as a conversation with a friend whom you  want to know you better, you need to say a little about yourself and what inspired you to set up a website. You also need to tell a bit about how you intend to meet their needs and serve the interests of the visitors to your site, try telling a little story about how you discovered some of the information you are sharing with personal experiences, and let them know you appreciate their comments and your willingness to engage in any discourse they may desire. Make sure it has at least five paragraphs and don't oversell yourself; you are who you are, and that is what really matters.

The privacy policy does have its merits as far as the authenticity of your site is concerned and you can get a free one made in just a few minutes at This is the basic information to get you inspired and up and running, you need to take action in order to succeed and see the fruits of your desires. To be inspired and have the information is good, but when you put all that to the test , then it becomes great. I have put together some modules from one of my programs to help in the process, all you have to do is take action and see if the information is right for you. I want to see you succeed and inspire and help others as I am trying to help you, so I invite you to click on the link below and see for yourself. Success online requires some work and there is no magic formula for anyone to make it, you have to tap into resources from the experience of those who have tried and done the work to make it happen. So do not expect any get rich quick schemes, and too good to be true is just that, but for your opportunity to succeed click on the link now and I'll see you on the other side of your inspiration.   

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