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Friday, March 21, 2014

Go For It

In life chances are what we take when opportunities come our way, and in many instances, the chance takers are the ones that benefit the most, there is a reason for that I suppose, and one can always imagine what might have been if they had taken a chance when an opportunity came along. There is a famous saying; 'nothing ventured nothing gained', I honestly don't think that there is any mystery to it, it is rather really simple and goes to follow.

If no seed or plant was sowed into the ground, how can one expect to get or gain produce? It is virtually impossible and a lazy expectation, for one to look forward to reaping if there was no sowing. Sadly, we do that all the time; yes I know you don't want to admit it, but let's be honest and realistic, we often times feel that we are entitled to certain things in life just by the virtue of us being here. I have often said it, and will say it again; no one owes us anything we were placed here to fulfill a purpose, and when we realize our calling early in life, then we can potentially become winners.

Dependency in my humble opinion is not just a syndrome, it is to my mind more like a bad habit we develop because we are basically selfish, the world needs more leaders; people who are willing to put what they believe on the line, people who are prepared to walk the talk and act outside of the box. Investment is a word we are associated with daily, and most of us invest so much to other people's dreams than we do to ours, we give to them our best years with discipline and commitment, and when it's all over, we are sent home to pasture with a little more than pittance to get by.

Pension to me is an ugly word with stipulated limitations and sometimes subject to further taxation, the better word is Residual Income, this is where you plant now and reap in years to come times over what you planted. We have to be prudent and take the time needed to peek into our financial future, ask ourselves the million dollar question, if I continue doing what I am currently doing for the next five years, where will I be financially? Will I be able to afford that new home, car, or family vacation? Or would it be just a matter of me working for someone else to enjoy those benefits!

We have to look at where we are and match it with where we had hoped to be when we begun our journey, see if we are satisfied with where we are. I now have an obligation to point you in a certain direction, and to provide you with an option; a possible way out of the rot, this is so real people we should not ignore it, neither should we just shrug our shoulders at our current displacement, we can change that whenever we choose to. The choice of how you live and succeed is entirely up to you, let us stop putting that choice in the hands of others, regain control of your destiny and take the responsibility for your future into your hands.

 I can't give you a magic formula for success; it simply does not exist, but what I can tell you is that hard work in the proper channels, with planing and a vision can make us masters of our destiny.The time has come to choose, we are the pioneers of our future, and nothing is impossible if we believe enough, and if we are prepared to take positive and affirmative action. Act today my friends and let your faith soar to a place where the only return is in a bright and successful era for you and your loved ones; they deserve it and so do you.
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