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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Dream Of A Lifetime

I have often wondered how easy it was for God to create this world, when all He had to do was speak 'The Word', and all that he spoke came into being, what audacious power and authority displayed by The Creator! He imagined it, spoke it, and it was as He said. To date, all that he spoke into being are still here.

You and I have the ability to visualize; to dream, and to create visions in our minds, some good and some bad. What is even more encouraging, is that we do not even use 2/3 of our mental ability to focus on the things we want to see, but are not yet real. Instead we spend the best part of our thought process, focusing on things that are all ready here, and then the rest of our thoughts focused on destroying what we fear and what we cannot understand.

Man has declared the animals to be lower than Himself, based on the Genesis of Creation, and the natural order of all creation, yet we have for the most part behaved as if we were the last of God's Creation, and not the first. We appear to be excellent at self destruction rather than constructive and objective construction, no one wants to lose in this game of life, but we all want to win; even if we do not observe the rules of engagement. We want to see our dreams become reality, even if it were to cost us our very lives.

What dreams had men like Martin Luther King Jnr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson 'Modiba' Mandela, when they were placed on this planet? What legacies of a supreme and unbiased love for all; indelibly they have left for us to follow! Even after winning battles in the war against discrimination, hate and social disharmony, there still largely remains the stench of discord, mistrust, and prolonged divisions between our races and people.

The Greatest Nation on Planet Earth, has within it's very cities and towns; in it's hallowed communities and places of Governance, stories of variance and separation, based on philosophies and political persuasions. Where does the rest of the World go to for relief and release; where indeed, does the barren hopeless and wasted portions of Mankind find the solace it seeks! We have been selfish and myopic with our dreams and visions, we have carved and bargained for little niches we can call our own, not knowing the day or the hour when we would have to leave it all behind. 

The Dream of a Lifetime in my mind can only come form the mind of God, He and He alone, intended for all of us to live holy, healthy, and peaceful prosperous lives on Earth, we have made wrong and thoughtless decisions from the inception, that has caused a tail spin of misery and suffering having a domino effect on generations to follow. 

The time has come for decisions to be made on how we will proceed, how we will consult and confront each other, and we must decide; is it going to be led by our fleshly meanderings, or by the Divine Vision forged By The Creator for all His Creation?  Will we continue to be victims of our own fallacies, or are we going to place our Hope in The God who embraces all inclusively despite?



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