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Monday, April 21, 2014

A New Day-A Blessed Life

We have been extremely blessed to have the God of this universe send his only begotten Son on this planet to die for our sins, additionally, we are extremely privileged to have Him made it possible for us to leave earth when we die and spend an eternity with Him. Fact of the matter is that we were and never will be able to repay Him for that single act of love, neither can we in this lifetime or any other do think and or say anything to compensate for that one sacrifice. We will never be worthy, but I believe we were worth it to God and His Son, if not, they would have never done it just so that we can have a chance and a hope. The Bible in probably the most famous verse of all; says that "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Notice that the term is loved and not love, this defines the fact that God's love toward us is as eternal as the idea to create man in the first place, and secondly; it's for the world not just a selected few, thirdly He gave, and then he asks for us to believe in order to receive the gift of eternal life. In time we have all but forgotten that God in His mercy took one look at man and instead of seeing our weaknesses and our faults He saw the need for our salvation, and He put the full responsibility upon the shoulders of His Son; the man Christ Jesus, and even though Christ was rejected and betrayed by one of His own, He silently remained faithful to the end until He cried out "It is finished." Why is it that some of us feel we owe nothing to God? Who is man that God should even be mindful of Him? We take so many things and so many people for granted, and for the most part it is not only wrong, but it is unfair; we need to take time out and deeply consider what God has so graciously blessed us with everyday. The best things in life are free and this is only so because they cannot be priced, this is so because man did not have any part in their originality and their sustenance. The sun and the moon in all their splendour, a fleeting rainfall in the middle of a desert, a cool summer breeze to pick you up on a hot and dry day, crisp winter signs flowing into its time slot with consummate ease; there is never any confusion with the natural order of the world. God has set everything in motion and they consistently keep going, clouds and skies have obeyed their commands since time's inception. We have made many inventions and many discoveries, and all of them came from something that was originally here, there is nothing new under the sun and there is nothing that is hidden from the eyes of God. We foolishly commit wrongs and crimes, and fool ourselves into believing that no one saw; there was no eye witness, all the time forgetting that He sees and knows everything all the time, he knows our hearts and minds better than we do ourselves. We pretend to love our neighbours and we don't even love Us; people take time to make money and build enterprise, but find little time to build and make quality friends with long lasting relationships. We post information on Facebook and Twitter forcing for a time a criticism or two about friends and family, we use the social media like an abandoned publisher having nothing to loose; nothing to risk, nothing to have a conscience about. We blast our selfish and myopic opinions into the stratosphere thinking for a moment we could grab the spotlight because we look like we are self righteousness, nobody cares about what we know until they know how much we care! No matter how much buildings and companies we build, no matter how many people we help and poor we feed, no matter how much we contribute to the church and charity, if there was no love with the action, then it was all really nothing but mere acts without virtue and without soul, randomly executed void of merit and substance. Void of lasting impressions and deep sentiments that can move the heart of a being, that can bring the values of true conviction, that can bring gratitude and fulfilment all at the same time. We love to see our names in bright lights and billboards, lounging contently on our own accolades brimming with righteousness indignation, the only tape that we can be fairly measured by is not of this world, it is only from the balconies of Heaven where God dwells in His majesty. We should leave it all up to him, and let the infallible judge do what He can do best, judgement and rewards for all that we do in this life belongs to The Creator, there will be no bias and unfair outlooks, all will have the same discourse regardless. A new day awaits us all and a blessed life is a choice we all have to make, let's practise introspection and honesty in our deliberations, let's stop pretending that we have arrived when all is not well with most of us and just a few of us. Let's take hold of each and every opportunity that presents itself for us to bridge the gap that exists, the chasm that society imposes on mankind to distinguish who belongs and who doesn't, the gaping hole of despair that haunts the life of the less fortunate and the needy. Perspectives must change and the great divide dwindled, we must say to each other 'you are ok,' instead we are saying 'I am ok, you are not,' time maybe kind to us but the end is not very far as we survey our options, let us remember that God made room for all of us to be blessed and happy; we all deserve a new day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm Still Here

Folks it looks like I have taken some time out from my Blogging duties and have gone into hibernation, the truth is that I have been missing on all fronts for a while (2 weeks), fact of the matter is that I am still here. However I have sat with my mind racing about new ideas and posts to write for you, and so as it goes, we can now settle down and look forward to a new season of ingenuity and mirth. I sincerely thank those who have been faithfully logging on, and those of you who have kept visiting despite little or no new interaction from me, but the time has come for me to share some new ideas with you.

 Recently I purposely decided to take a long hard look at my spirituality, and concluded that it was time to pay more attention to feeding my soul, naturally I was exhausted by doing my best to fulfil deadlines online, and it took a lot out of me. Additionally, my time devoted to God was becoming lesser while the time I was devoting to my online business was becoming greater. I could not in all consciousness continue like that, so I had to take time out, as my soul and salvation is valuable in much larger proportions compared to what I do online, in addition to that, family are way too important for me to also neglect them as well , and so I had to strike a balance in favour of God first then my family.

  Heads up people; recently my mom had to be taken to the Health Centre because her blood pressure had jumped to a record high of over 200 over 90, I could not beleieve it, she is in her 70s now but has always been in the pink of health, obviously I was quite concerned. She's on medication now for both high blood pressure and high cholesterol, this is a wake up call for me and my lifestyle choices, health has no guarantees my friends, but there is a lot we can do to mitigate against the threath of sickness and diseases. My daughter has also given me another surprise with a fourth grandchild, I could not imagine anything like this when she got married, maybe one or two; now four, wow! I hope that this is the last.

I started teaching in my church Sunday morning Bible Class dealing with the topic 'building relatiionships,' and had two Sundays to share with my spiritual family, some of the basic truths of what is necessary to building relationships; I thouroughly enjoyed it. The only thing I should have done was to go fishing, this is definitely one of the best time passing activity, and brings you tons of time to reflect and focus on new ideas. However in time I suppose one can prepare and plan for what one desires to so do, always bearing in mnd that the choices we make today will determine the results we experience tomorrow; let's make the best choice, the ones that will not lead to regrets and pain, but rewards and fulfillment.

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My daughter Nikessa and I enjoying a light moment on her birthday.