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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Win Your Dream

It is definitely a great time to be alive on God's planet (earth,)and it most certainly is the best time to invest in oneself and believe to achieve whatever one put one's mind to. There is no time like the present, and while it is distinctly possible to lose hope and a vision, it is also distinctly possible to gain renewed faith and receive a new vision, if for some reason you have failed that does not mean that you should surrender and give up; or give in, the failure must be seen as a mere stepping stone to the next phase, where you must decide to continue your pursuits, but now at what cost! It may be that the vision or the goal has to be now tweaked a little to accommodate flexibility and innovation, no one idea is always the best idea, and no one pathway is the only pathway.

 Bridges to success have been built by several architects who in their capacity would have seen it fit to develop a plan B just in case plan A did not work, and so even if we have nurtured and produced a plan A that failed to bring the desired results, this should in no wise be an indication that success is an elusion that has just passed us by. We have to be resolute with our desire to attain our goals, and focus only on the result that matters; even if it means stretching our imagination to the limit, there is still room in the world for more dreamers and goal getters.

To continue dreaming is fine, but to develop that dream into a passionate reality is greatness in motion, the best attitude is the attitude that strives to finish what was started, the best commitment one can give, is the one that has no room for turning back and compromise. We are the product of our biological parents, and if we have children of our own, we are proud to see our traits and mannerisms evolve in them, we want the world to know that they represent the us of the future. We want our legacy to remain alive and embedded in the minds of our offspring, we hope that it will remain rich and fresh in their hearts, we want to pass on a baton that has been tried and tested, and will stand against the scrutiny of life and its challenges.

How then can we pass on what we ourselves have failed to accomplish! On what grounds of merit do we lay the foundation for the future, if we have missed the lessons taught in the pains of disappointment and rejection? To what measure do we seek to build for our loved ones an impressionable and undeniable barometer, one which can insulate against failure, and motivate towards success. How will they measure the efforts to be made in time to come! failure indeed is not an option, but rather should be used as a necessary stepping stone to march on to the goal. 

We owe it to our inheritors to handover to them, the kind of legacy that would challenge their sense of parallel, and cause them to want to match and even surpass what was accomplished. We owe it to our detractors, to shut their mouths with portrayals of heroic proportions, where the only response is one hatched by awe and admiration. We have the ammunition, but we must load the gun and fire salvos of trial and error (Rome was not built in one day,) neither will anything worthwhile be acquired without heartache and pressure. Be the diamond that shines out of the rough, be the light that forges on through clouds of darkness and uncertainty; be the winner of your dreams today.  

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