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Saturday, August 30, 2014

The best part of life is waking up in the morning  being fully aware of the fact that you are in the same condition physically with which you went to sleep in, we are not in the position to decide how we awake; that belongs to God. However we can decide how we go to sleep, we can be at peace with ourselves and the Creator, or we can choose to be troubled with the cares of this life, and the sometimes aimless quarrels and arguments we have with each other.

One only has twenty four hours to get it right, and at times it seems as though we need more to finish tasks we have set for ourselves, man has lost the best times of his life seeking and pursuing endangered projects, that lead to paths of spiritual emptiness and abject boredom. We have exercised poor and selfish judgements based mainly on our carnal limitations, and our endemic biases. The end result is more than often negate of rewards and fulfilment.

If you possess a gift or a talent my friend, it is not for your gain and your gain alone, but rather for the main purpose of sharing with those less endowed so that we can all have a part of the best that God has given. Man is basically selfish and we are hard  pressed to admit it but we are, I often find myself having to reign in my self centred disposed nature, as I strive to come to terms with the fact that all that I have was given to me for a purpose. Not to fulfil my needs in whole but in part, and then to share with someone in need.

You never truly know how tomorrow may turn out to be or what it might bring, why then can't we sow seeds of love humility and progress? Why can't we see beyond the mere tone of a skin that's doomed to fade and die? Why can't we develop simple appreciations for life and the infallible beauty it creates daily in sunsets and rainbows?  We have so lost our way! seeking momentarily only what can superficially satisfy, but not satiate. Everyone has a price, and there are things that you and I would do anything for and to have, don't deny it, it is the way we are wired.

The real battle lies not in our ability to overcome ourselves, but rather in our most conscious efforts to accept and deal with what we are or who we have become. Victory in this life and success has a template and a direction, and we are all challenged to accept them as we progress daily, we cannot enforce our dreams and hopes on anyone but ourselves, they are our burdens not anyone else's.
We are responsible for the price that we certainly must pay for the destiny we have chosen, not the unsuspecting and innocent neighbour who inadvertently ends up in our path.

If God accepts us just as we are with all our faults and shortcomings, why then do we place burdens on others to rise to heights of moral and ethic values, while we bask in the shadows of vanity and deceit? Deceiving ourselves first and then our loved ones.  We owe it to the Creator (GOD) to be givers instead of takers, to be sharers instead of hoarders, to depart from negative criticism and rather gravitate to positive endearments. Then and only then can we fall asleep with at least the mind set that we have done all that we can to love and be loved, as all of us are desperately in need of.