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Monday, November 17, 2014


I have to be really honest about life and admit that at times I feel really flustered with tireless musings of people who seem to think that the world owes them something; that the universe somehow should always come to their rescue, and that they should never have to see a day of indifference. How sad it must be for one to actually feel that somehow there is real estate that belongs to them and them only! And that their needs are more important than that of any other human being on planet Earth; an ego which is that high can lead to a mirthless despicable state of self destruction in quick time.
I firmly believe that we are the true guardians of our destiny, that we have the right to enhance the space we occupy to fulfil a divine purpose, that the air we breathe was reserved for our diaphragms, that the voice we possess is our sacred instrument to build relationships and to worship an awesomely amazing God. I believe that we are heavenly products with earthly survival kits built in by the Eternal Designer, that our true self is protected by our false self because we pause too often to please the mundane and the mediocre.
We are indelibly caught up in the restraints that offer temporary and unreal relief, we fear for tomorrow and it is not even promised to us, we bring our neighbours to their knees with unscrupulous insanities and selfish meanderings. What is the meaning of life we ask. if every day we try so hard to make two ends meet and yet they seem to be strangers waving goodbye? How are we suppose to strive in a world of uncertainty and outlandish generational curses that seem to suppress our imaginations until they die for lack of air?
Alas! there must be hope, there must be a time and a place where we can become, where we can share unbiased love and hope, where we can surface and breathe freedom and delight in the successes of each other. Where we can celebrate even if we did not win, and where we can congratulate even if we were last in the race. We were created to compliment each other and to form partnerships with nature and the creatures of this earthly realm. We have within us the power to rise to the pinnacle of civilisation, and to contribute to the well being and mastery of our designated gifts  as we strive for unbridled excellence.
The kind of excellence that sows seeds of charity and benevolence, and that reaps harvests of forgiveness and acceptance in quantum proportions never to bow to the merchants of degradation and melancholy. Never to surrender to the dark spirits of oppression and the sightless institutions of segregation, but to rise in unison to boundless heights of integrity and countless levels of this kaleidoscope of human microcosm, thus enlightening the pathway to integration and global unity.   
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