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About Me

Hi everyone, My name is Andy and I am a writer. motivator, poet, public speaker, business owner,

blogger, online network marketer, and I just love meeting people like yourself and sharing what God has blessed me with. I believe that all of us are born with dreams, and for me it was always a challenge as to how I could accomplish mine, all I ever wanted to do was to inspire people with my experiences and my success stories. My wife motivates me, but not as much as God does, for it is because of my relationship with him, that I want to share so much with you. People like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr., Nelson Mandela, Ludwig van Beethoven, are some of the folks that truly inspire me. The likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jackson motivate me to seek continuously to achieve beyond even belief and doubt; against the odds what I dream of to be possible. 

 My friends I believe that the only limit to anyone's success on this planet lies in their minds and hearts, we were never meant to be failures, but because of the wrong choices many of us fail. I spent ten years of my life building a business because I believe that if I could succeed, then others can also. I believed in myself when no one else did, and after much trials and errors, I can truly say that with application of the proper mindset and God in the midst anything is possible. I went to several friends and to banks for financing because I was willing to suffer (pay the price) to succeed, all turned me down or away, many saying to me that maybe I should just go find a job. Ha! I showed them; for as we speak some of these folks are seeking to be my friend and are asking me for favors, my success did not come easy that is why it means so much to me and my family. 

There are three things in life that makes the difference when you are looking to build a foundation for success; they are: finding and believing who you are; the earlier the better, if you can ascertain what your purpose in life is by very early finding out what makes you tick; then hooray, it's a start. Secondly, find yourself spiritually grounded by establishing a relationship with your Maker; he alone can truly understand your deepest passions for life, because he put them there in the first place. Last but not least; find just one person on this earth who will believe you even if you declare that the ocean has no water, they will support and understand every moment of your life. (wife) I know what it means and feels like to struggle every day with passions; even today I still have some to deal with, but I have found mechanisms and systems which have molded me and my life into a formula to succeed, this site was built with the intent to share some of that information with you. 

If at any time you feel the need to discuss, criticize, or add your own opinion on anything I may have written or posted, please feel free to comment as I would welcome them from you at any time. We can all learn from each other, and I will always have an ear for what you have to say or think, keeping in touch with you is very important to me. Finally I must let you know that as a father of three, I believe in leaving a strong and effective heritage for my children, and of course grandchildren, please come again and be motivated to go for the best in your life so that your family will too be inspired to excel. I firmly believe that my success has spurred and shaped the drive that I see in my children to make; to win, to succeed, to see their dream become reality. What about you? What about your dreams? They are just as important as those of all who have succeeded before you, you deserve to win, not because I say so but because the Creator does. 

I believe; and I want you to believe with me, like me, that there is a seed of success planted somewhere on the inside of you. If you have not tapped into it as yet don't worry because it is never too late, I know because my first success came at the age of 32 quite by accident really. You may think that 32 is pretty young still, well not where I come from; as a matter of fact as the count goes, I missed the mark by 11 years. The point I'm making is that you can't afford to take your age into the occasion, take the KFC chain for example, success came for the Colonel late into his seventies, but what he did was set the cornerstone for success. 

You have to push through the challenges no matter what, and even if you don't see the fulfillment of your dream, at least start it like I did and believe that you are destined to win. This site and all the information housed within is for you and your success, but your belief and your faith is critical to your success in life, there are many mediums and pathways; you have to find your niche and grow in it. I wish you every success in your life and that of your loved ones, Godspeed my friends.
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